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This is an alternative set of road (and rail) signs. They are based on
the example roadsign made by Timeshock (found on wiki), and adjusted to
fit on the tile borders and designed more like czech road and track signs.

Road signs include a few extras - PrivateRoad and Endofchooseroad, and
illuminated signs that can be visible in dark. Such signs were used on
few places in 80's in Czechoslovakia, mostly on main roads in big cities.

You can download individual paks or whole paksets:
CS_Rail: RailClose, EndOfChooseTrack
CS_Road: EndOfChooseRoad, NoEntry, Minimum80, ChoosePoint
CS_Road_Night: Illuminated signs from CS_Road.

CS_Rail and CS_Road replace the originals from pak64.

NOTE: PrivateRoad sign is only for older versions of Simutrans. 
It is replaced by toll gate in newer versions (111.x) 

NOTE: Semafor is just an ugly experiment to learn how to write dat for 
traffic lights. It works, but looks awful. Use only for testing.


These two are just my experiments, not usable in real games.
Usable recycling factory is available for pak128.
Factory was painted by BeatleJoe.

This is a waste separation plant, that extracts useful stuff from waste.
It produces small amount of paper, plastics, steel and the rest is waste
that can be delivered to incinerator and burned. Kraftwerk directly makes
electricity from the extra waste. But unfortunately neither of these works
well. Producing and consumig the same stuff can create endless loops
and crash simutrans when generating industry chains. And power plant
(kraftwerk) cannot produce anything besides electricity. In fact it is
the other way round - it produces other stuff but no electricity at all.


Techmania and planetarium, are real industrial buildings that have
been abandoned for years and recently repaired and now they house a
science centre - place for young people to play and learn some physics
at the same time. See

NOTE: Older versions of simutrans (100) have some weird method for
calculating passenger levels, so these curiosities have low levels.


These are the same factories in their original use. Skoda Plzen (CZ) is a
heavy machinery factory making train engines (steam and electric), trams,
trolleybuses, turbines for power plants and also military equipment. In
the game it accepts steel and planks and produces cars (instead of trains
and trams...). The other building is a canteen for the workers here,
and they like to eat meat, fish and cakes (flour + milk).