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==== ROADSIGNS ====

This is an alternative set of road signs. They are adjusted to fit on
the tile borders and designed like czech road signs.

Road signs include a few extras - PrivateRoad, Endofchooseroad, Minimum30,
Minimum50, OneWay and RoundAbout. Standard signs replace those from
pak128. These signs are available exactly as they were introduced
in real world - first signs appear in 1938.

PrivateRoad is only for older versions (before toll gates were
introduced). For newer versions, please use the provided RoadGate,
TollGate or ZollGate (Customs). RailGate is provided as well.

Roundabout is just a one-way sign with unusual positioning. Put
it on the tile next to the entry to roundabout.  See here

Paks with Zn differ in the color of signpost. Normal ones are white,
Zn is grey (zinc). They are avilable since 1997, and replace the standard
versions with white signpost.

Traffic lights are taken from standard pak128, only with modified
introduction date, icon and cursor to fit the style of other icons
and cursors.  For earlier years there is a policeman instead.

You can download individual paks or whole pakset cs_road - it contains
all paks.

==== RAILSIGNS ====

This is not a complete set, just a few signs for railroad - OneWay,
EndOfChoose, MinSpeed and RailGate. Designed for czech railroads. It
replaces some standard pak128 rail signs.


This is s complete set of czechoslovak rail signals (model AZD 70)
that is used on Czech and Slovak railways since 1970's. The basic
set is "azd_zakladni" and can be used to replace the standard pak128
signals. The two other paks are just eye candy for now. Use them according
to letters in icons: S - signal, P - presignal, L - long, C - choose,
E - endofchoose, O - oneway. Signals are designed by Lubak91.

Version 1.0 has taller poles, than 1.1, otherwise they are the same.

==== TRAMSIGNS ====

This is a set of railroad signs designed after czech tramway signals.
Unfortunately they are implemented as railroad signs. Pure tram signs are
not (yet) possible.  They are designed to "hang down" from tramway catenary,
if you put them on non-electrified track, or use some other catenary,
they would levitate in the air ;)


This is a set of railroad signs for narrowgauge. Although they look as
signs, they are in fact signals, just with the same look for red and
green. These signs are used on train stops and local railroads with
few trains where full signalling would be an overkill.

==== MINSPEED ====

Minimum speed signs for railroad - based on Fabio's rail signs, so that
they fit nicely to vanilla pak128 and pak128.Britain.  Useful to prevent
slow (cargo) trains from entering high speed tracks.

Signs that show green H, are combined with one-way sing and fit in the
same timeline as other signals. Normal sign for 100 km/h, available since 
1920 to 1970, and illuminated sign for 160 km/h avaliable since 1970 to
distant future.

Sign that shows White/Red triangle is for 110 km/h (available forever)
and Yellow/Blue triangle for 220 km/h since 1981. The yellow/blue sign is
based on real sign used on LGV (track for TGV). These are bidirectional.


This is a waste separation plant, that extracts useful stuff from waste.
It produces small amount of paper, plastics, steel and glass. The rest
of the waste is thrown into a small black hole in the secret basement ;-)
Painted by BeatleJoe.


This is a late medieval fortress, later rebuilt as chateau. It is
located in southern suburb of Prague, surrounded by modern blocks of
flats. Painted by BeatleJoe.

==== SAMOSKA ====

This is a small self-service shop selling bread and dairy products.
Package includes modified bakery and dairy factories, goods definition
and the new final consumer. It's consumption rate is set so that one
bakery and dairy should feed cca 10 shops. Painted by TommPa9.

==== POSTA =====

This is just a post office (mail extension for any type of station),
visualy similar to Samoska. Painted by TommPa9.

==== ROTUNDA ====

Two early medieval churches. One is built in a city, the other in countryside.
Painted by jk271.

==== CONSTRUCTION (STAVENISTE) ==== is the image of construction site shown when
buildings are being built, or hidden.  Hidden buildings are distinguished
by map signs (church, ruins, mine,...). Painted by TommPa9.

==== BUS STOPS ====

These bus stops are designed as czech bus stops from the second half
of 20th century. They used to be the unified design of the state bus
company = CSAD. Red stops for city transport, yellow for inter-city
transport. At the end of 20th century some of the private companies
continued to use the same design, just with different colours. A stop
with grey (zinc) signpost is available for modern era, and player
coloured one for all eras.

==== LANOVKA ====

This is a cable-car or funicular. It is coded as trolleybus with low
capacity, low speed and high power, so it accelerates to full speed
almost immediately and also climbs the hills at full speed. Just like
a real funicular. There are two vehicles one for passengers and one
for bulk cargo. To avoid getting stuck in street traffic an elevated
road, which looks like extended catenary poles, is provided.

==== ROURA ====

This is a pipeline implemented as station extension. Useful to extend
the harbor coverage when oil refinery is a bit further from the shore.